The Only Three Wines You'll Ever Need

Life doesn’t need to be complicated, and neither does wine. Which is why each of our Pig in a Poke wines is fruit-filled, scrumptious and artfully blended with sheer deliciousness in mind. No fancy language, no nonsense, no snobbery. Blended by experts in Great Britain from the product of Europe’s finest vineyards.

What could be nicer? Enjoy!

Old Spot3

Now’s the time to lay aside all those exotic and unspellable words that the world of wine has become littered with. Gewurztraminer, Dornfelder, Garnacha, Viognier, Montepulciano… these are words to consign to oblivion. Because taste is the only thing that matters.

Fresh, fruity and mouthwateringly good – ‘Pinot-style’ is the way we’d describe it. Our white’s sure to raise a smile, and oh-so-moreish…. you won’t be able to resist a second glass. (And we’ll save the fruity metaphors for the back of a Tropicana carton, where they belong.)

Old Spot White

Like James Bond – though thankfully with a licence to thrill rather than to kill – our Old Spot Red is so, so smooth. This velvety, super-soft red is the perfect fireside treat, cracking with a juicy steak, fresh from the BBQ. What else can we say? It’s flavour, flavour, flavour every step of the way!

Old Spot Red

You’ll by tickled pink by this fantastic wine, which somehow manages to tread the line between seriousness and laughter with apparent ease. Of course, it’s perfect for parties, but partners well with cold cuts, your best cheese, summer salads and such. So much fun, and so versatile too.

Old Spot Rosé

Outstanding Value Wine Made By Experts

We’re Al, Andrew and Chris. We make and sell wine for a living. Between us, we’ve circumnavigated the world 28 times in pursuit of the best flavours, tasted upwards of 40,000 wines, and created or sold over 100 million bottles of wine. Most importantly, we love what we do – which is why we’re still doing it!

Blame Al – The Whole Thing Was His Idea

His parents wanted him to get a “serious” job, but Al had a smarter idea! Former sales supremo for some of the UK’s top wine companies — not to mention a senior wine buyer at ASDA for 5 years — Alistair knows more than most about how wine should taste. Pig in a Poke is his ‘baby’ — he was its founder back in 2008.

Bringing This Little Piggy To Market

Wine marketing specialists are thin on the ground. Andrew’s CV includes spells with Virgin Wines, Orbital Wines, Oddbins and ASDA, and he has spent the last 15 years working with winemakers all over the world, helping them bring their fabulous wines to market — lucky chap!

In The Hot Seat ‐ And He's Still Smiling

All companies have a man in the hot seat and, in our case it’s Chris. Like Al, he cut his teeth as a big-wig salesman for top wine companies (one being Champagne Lanson – quite a pleasurable gig that one!) but of late, it’s keeping the trotters on our proverbial piglet that keeps him busy. Cheers to that!

Pig in a Poke brings together our long experience and
huge passion for wine, together with a deep-seated belief
that wine talks in a very complicated language – one that
few can understand – and it’s our job as wine
professionals to help put that right. Pig in a Poke is our
way of doing just that.

Thank you for sniffing us out!

Al, Andrew and Chris
The Pig in a Poke Enjoyment Team

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

A “Pig in a Poke” has come to mean a certain thing: a swindle. Originally, it meant the opposite – when you buy something from the market, make sure you get what you pay for.
Seems fair enough, right?

Yet wine, with its confusing jargon and sheer complication, has become a Pig in a Poke to many. As wine lovers, this makes us very sad indeed. It’s a wonderful drink shrouded in rubbish. The time has come to strip all of that away.

Which is why we have watched, studied, and constantly questioned to understand what makes wine attractive and delicious. Together with some of our best friends in the industry we have taken that learning, tweaked and refined it… and – hey presto! – Pig in a Poke is the result.

What Does This Mean?
1 2 3 4
Really delicious wine, each and every time
The assurance of our experience (i.e. it's darn good!)
Responsible sourcing from nice people
Your money back if you don't like the wine - for any reason
Our Promise

Pig in a Poke is the only wine to come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our handiwork, but if you don’t, we’ll tell you how to take advantage of this pledge.

How To Buy

We’re always looking for pig-ophiles to help us spread the word. If you’re looking to stock Pig in a Poke in your shop, restaurant (or indeed, anywhere), contact us and we’d be delighted to talk. If you’re a Pig in a Poke fan and would like some bottles to consume at home, why not visit our Amazon Store below?

Tailor-Made For The Outdoors

Pig in a Poke is the ultimate wine for alfresco gatherings of all kinds. Its outdoor suitability is greatly enhanced by the PET format, which will not smash and weighs an astonishing 60% less than the glass version. It’s also the

best-looking PET on the market we’ve seen, meaning that you’ll be proud to serve it at even the most prestigious gatherings. Not only the most sustainable bottle of wine on the planet, but really very smart too!

To date, Pig in a Poke has been served at many
different events and venues including...

Lords Cricket Ground
Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts
Henley Royal Regatta
Barbican Hall London

If you’re an event operator, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch. If you’re a wine lover who’d like to buy Pig in a Poke by the case for personal consumption, visit our Amazon Store.

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